A Guide to Making Industry Videos

It’s no secret that consumers are vastly attracted to video. In opposition to normal text or images, video is far more engaging and exciting. Because videos have a higher engagement rate, they also allow viewers to retain the information presented to them far more than other modes of information transmission could offer. It’s important that […]

How to Execute Video In Emails

Most people would agree that they’re more enticed by visuals rather than a long, daunting body of text. Today, with the expansion of our different modes of communication, simple, plain text can be considered substandard and inefficient in comparison to other methods. This could have to do with the fact that studies show viewers retain […]

5 Tips For Creating Corporate Videos That Influence Your Customers

Using videos can drastically change the way that customers perceive your products or services. According to Forbes Magazine, 90% of customers believe that videos make buying decisions easier and 64% of customers say watching a video makes them more likely to buy the advertised product or service. With those numbers in mind, it is necessary […]

Leverage Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy On LinkedIn

So how can you leverage video to increase your LinkedIn success? We’ve put together a list of questions for you to consider when building your LinkedIn video strategy and what types of video examples you can use depending on your business goals. We can start with some great news—Cisco projects that by 2021, 82% of internet […]

How To Improve Internal Communications with Video

  Although our systems of communication are sufficient, face-to-face contact, more often than not, is much more effective and limits misinterpretations and ambiguity.    Within the workplace, collaboration is crucial. In order to optimize collaboration, messages, requests, ideas, and feelings must be made as clear as possible. Have you ever sent a message that was […]

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Impact Conversion Rates

  Looking to develop brand recognition and increase conversion rates on your product or service? A well-made customer testimonial can do just that. It is one way to promote what your company has to offer in an authentic, sincere way. The one thing it does for sure is separate your product or service from similar […]

New Pace Productions Acknowledged by Clutch as a Top Corporate Video Production Company!

Top Video Production Clutch Company 2019: New Pace Productions At New Pace Productions, we pride ourselves on being professional, creative, and most importantly, having a deeply ingrained partnership with our clients. All of these ensure that we are listening to our client’s concerns, and insures that our product impacts our client’s audiences in the best […]

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

Aside from the ability to boost your conversion, videos on landing pages also have other benefits that you should consider. A viewer that has gone through and watched your video is going to remember what it is that they saw and what it is that you were offering far beyond the end of the video. […]

Video Marketing Strategies For Higher Education

YouTube is the second-largest search engine. If you’re not leveraging video marketing for higher education to attract and retain your prospective student base, then it’s high time to do so. Engaging potential students online for colleges and universities has been increasingly important. So what does this mean for college admissions? Well, to no surprise, students […]

Top 3 Reasons To Use Video Training For Employees

Effective training is vital, to ensure employees understand your company’s mission. 77% of employees surveyed by Deloitte believe ongoing training helps to achieve that all-important sense of purpose. But not all training methods are created equal — research suggests as much as 11% of employee training may be “unproductive learning”. Traditional training methods are often ineffective […]