CLIENT: The Barnes FoundationMarketing video for events utilizing aerial and steadicam operation
CLIENT: Lilly Pulitzer Animated internal explainer video for Lilly Pulitzer
CLIENT: Cholula Cooking demo for a Chef spotlight series
CLIENT: AstraZenecaAnimated video for internal sales education and motivation
CLIENT: Jedi Mind Tricks Music video for internationally acclaimed hip-hop group shot on the RED Epic Dragon
CLIENT: HPAnimated video for the Tell Your Story sales campaign
CLIENT: TGIIdentity film for large print company in Philadelphia shot on a RED Epic
CLIENT: AQUAAnimated Tips video for preventing frozen pipes
  • Pre-Production
    • Creative Consulting
    • Production Coordination
    • Scriptwriting
    • Storyboarding
    • Talent & Location Scouting
  • Video-Production
    • HD/4K Video & Aerial
    • Pro Audio & Voiceover
    • Kino Flo Lighting
    • Green Screen
    • Studio Set On Site
  • Post-Production
    • Multiple Digital Editing Bays
    • Video Editing
    • Motion Graphics & Animation
    • Color Grading
    • DVD Authoring
  • Service-Industries
    • Corporate & Commercial
    • Documentary & Film
    • Live Events
    • Sales & Safety Training
    • Sports & Music Industry

It takes a team like New Pace to make high-production-value corporate videos and independent films that accomplish goals, inspire people to action, educate, sell, brand, and illuminate target audiences. We are dedicated to bringing high impact film and video marketing within reach of any company. Almost everything else you need to know about us is that we are more about you.

  • Helping bring your brand or mission to life through digital filmmaking
  • Providing you with full service production from idea to script to finished film.
  • Enhancing your existing marketing materials or helping you build a brand
  •  Providing options for a full video/audio studio, or producing at your location
  •  Offering you multiple editing suites, a conference room, places to get away and be creative,  all in a fun and inspirational environment
  • Working with your team or providing a team of experienced professionals
  • Always being cognizant of your investment and a healthy return

Beyond the film, before the video.

You need experienced creative minds and hands. We can help with brand strategy, web/print, copywriting, or core creative services. Jump on over to

Our weddings division has rebranded and can be found at


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